Friday, November 06, 2009

Traditional Hainanese Chicken/Pork Chop

Here's something you can try. We currently serve both Chicken and Pork chops in the shop.

Give it a go. All family secrets revealed :) sharing is caring!

Chicken/Pork Chop Traditional Hainanese Style

1 whole chicken thigh (deboned)/ 1 piece of chicken breast or
1 piece of pork chop meat *ask your butcher - in more sophisticated terms its pork loin / center cut
1 pack of bread crumbs / oats (according to preference)
1 table spoon oyster sauce for marinating, ½ teaspoon for sauce
1 table spoon honey
½ teaspoon thick black sauce
1 egg
2 big onions (cut quarters)
2 potatoes (peeled - 1 for sauce, 1 cut wedged for serving)
2 cup chicken stock (for sauce base)
Green peas (for sauce)
Baked beans (to serve)
Tomato halved (to serve)
Salt, pepper (pinch to taste)

Cooking process:
1. Tenderize and marinate meat
- Use meat hammer or back of cleaver and lightly tenderize the meat
- Clean and dap dry with kitchen towel
- Season meat with oyster sauce, pepper, salt, honey
- Leave for at least 2 hours for flavours to be absorbed

2. Deep frying meat, wedges
- Heat oil for deep frying
- Beat up egg in bowl
- Fully dip meat in the egg
- Coat the chicken meat with bread crumbs all over (or oats for the more health conscious)
- Place meat in heated oil and deep fry till golden brown
- Deep fry potato wedges
- With some excess oil, pan fry halved tomato lightly (for serving)

3. Traditional hainanese sauce
- Boil 1 potato till soft enough, mash up and set aside
- Heat up 2 cups of chicken stock in sauce pan (slow fire to boil)
- Add in onions and allow to slow boil until onions become soft and transparent
- Add in half teaspoon of oyster sauce, sugar and salt, and half teaspoon of black sauce
- Maintain on slow fire and add in mashed up potato and stir in until sauce thickens
- Add in green peas at the end, cook until green peas softens

Pour gravy over meat and serve with fried potato wedges, pan fried tomato and baked beans on the side.

* The tomatoes in the pic are fresh, not halved and pan fried as explained above


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