Friday, March 31, 2006

'real-estate management'

...and the journey continues. They found a place selling re-conditioned kitchen 'works' somewhere along Raja Laut. The counters/tops/foodstations/kitchen hardware/software?? were all custom fitted for hotel/restaurant kitchens AND costs about 2/3 cheaper than if we were to buy new equipment off the shelf. Sounds like a pretty good deal when these are apparently better 'finished' equipment made with longer lasting materials. And then there's the headache of how to plan the floor space. It's not just 'lets put the cash counter here, drinks counter there, family tables here, couples tables there,...' although i seriously wished it was that easy. How difficult can it be to plan where to put what, maximising 22'x75' worth of floor space, allowing us to seat the Most number of customers and any given time, whilst Still allowing us the space to manouver around serving 'ever-ready-to-burry-head-in-food' type people, balancing 4 plates of hainanese curry rice on our hands and 6 cups of steaming yummy coffee strapped to our waist. Get the drift. No wonder there's a need for degrees in interior decorating/designing/planning. Hats off to you guys. But its all SUPER exciting. The business thrill and adrenalin this time is REAL. Dad, your vision and drive still amazes me. Although i sometimes think your sub-conscious rambles off ideas faster than your brain can filter, AND you can also change your mind in 10 seconds (much like how you describe some of your friends :D), i thank god that he birthed this idea in you and that we're getting to do this, real time!

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