Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beat the Monday blues with the best kopitiam breakkie!

I've been told that the kaya here is the best in it's league! Homemade from the freshest ingredients - with no bulking agents and fillers (read starch - to make it cheaper to produce), this kaya is made with full-on good quality ingredients to bring out the richness of all the eggs and coconut cream (no additives, no preservatives - hence it's shorter shelf-life. And the chef will also tell you to consume within 1 week, so that you always enjoy the best quality).

Give this breakfast a try at Hainan Curry Rice. The kaya and butter toast will leave you wanting more, the fresh eggs cooked to half-boiled perfection to fuel your protein requirement for the day... and who can forget the house - brew Hainanese kopi? The aroma of the full-body and nutty brew fills the shop every morning, and it's THAT aroma that perks up your Monday, and gets you going for the rest of the week.

See you at Restaurant Hainan Curry Rice for breakfast all this week...


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