Friday, June 16, 2006

FEVER PITCH!!! Soft opening 18 June 2006... come one come all!

Not only in Germany has it reached fever pitch, it's blazing in Klang too... at the Hainan Curry Rice restaurant to be exact. Soft opening (is there such a thing? if it's open, people are going to come - and you would want to make an impression wouldn't you?) planned for 18 June - Father's Day. With our little staff of one Myanmar lady, ad-hoc-semi-skilled-family staff, one great chef... we are opening doors at 9 AM to serve breakfast, followed by lunch - offering the great Hainanese Curry Rice selection!
We could no longer stand to let the masses of people down (the many who peeked in through the half-open shutters to ask about the shop). It is with a sense of pride to know that we're going to allow Klang-ites the pleasure of revisiting their strange fascination, obsession and craving for Hainanese Curry Rice....!
So... with bated breath, and one crazy Saturday ahead of preparations... we will come back with the full fanfare of the great opening day, and a great beginning...


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