Friday, June 20, 2008

Restoran Hainan Curry Rice is 2!

Dear family, friends and faithful supporters of Restoran Hainan Curry Rice,

This day in 2006 (Father's Day), we had our humble opening which all of you were there to witness. 2 years down the road, we are still here thanks to your generous support and willingness to stick with us through thick and thin.
We will continue to strive to serve you Hainan Curry Rice and our extended menu of the highest quality and at prices affordable to everyone. Our commitment has been from day 1 to make Hainan Curry Rice affordable and accessible to everyone, and we have stuck to it through the price increases from the rice shortages and staggering increase in oil prices.
Despite all that has happened, our prices remain relatively unchanged from day 1 and we can safely say that we will continue bringing you the same food at the same quality and importantly the same prices for as long as we can.
Thank you again for your generous support. We have plans for new additions to our menu and we will inform eveyrone soon.
Hope to see you soon at Restoran Hainan Curry Rice!

Jack Wong
Restoran Hainan Curry Rice

* Featured on Angel Wong's One day 5 meals