Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 - it's a wrap!

Wow, what a year!!!

Every page of news and interest will tell of 2010, the hottest year since a long long time... with all the natural and man-affected happenings which have plagued us, the indominable human spirit thrives to keep us afloat and coming up for a better and better time...

If you've gone through something amazing, unforgettable, bitter, seemingly insurmountable, joyous... this post is dedicated to you! Good on you, and let's keep that spirit alive to share another year ahead in Malaysia. Here's to 2011!

As with all accounts of the year, Hainan Curry Rice would also like to bring you the year that was, our menu highlights and our owner, Jack's dedication to bringing home-cooked, Hainan-inspired food and beverages to all peoples...

Hainan Curry Rice brought to you in 2010 new additions to the menu in the form of chicken/pork chop curry rice, mini pork burgers, special Hainan teh, noodle fare (spicy beehoon, mee Hailam, fried glass noodles, mee Mamak, Yin Yong noodles, Hainan claypot curry noodles), claypot salted fish pork, Hainan claypot assam fish... and the humble popiah...

YES... a humble wrap (drum-roll... this is my tie-in to the title of this post... thank you thank you)... so simple, yet satisfying everytime it is consumed. It is also the choice of dieters who do not have to compromise when enjoying this savory selection as it uses very little oil, and it packed full with crunchy vegetables! The flavor of the popiah is punctuated with the light use of Chinese sausages, fried small French shallots (yes the fragrant kind is known in the culinary world as French shallots, even though it is grown everywhere now), hints of dried shrimp and roasted peanuts... wow! No wonder satisfaction is guaranteed...

Here's my challenge to you Hainan Curry Rice fans now (new fans are most welcomed)... come try our popiah, and the owner Jack later on where is the best popiah you have ever tasted, the only qualifying task is that you taste the Hainan Curry Rice Popiah set first before you make your judgement... ! The first person to respond to this challenge by emailing by stating "I will rise to the 2011 Hainan Curry Rice Popiah Challenge" in the email body (along with your name and phone number - how else are we going to verify you for your prize???) will receive a return email on how to collect a special prize when they turn up at Restoran Hainan Curry Rice for this challenge. Remember, you need to have a reply from Hainan Curry Rice!!!

You will normally find Jack busy serving guests himself during restaurant peak periods, otherwise sat down at a front table marked 'Reserved', sipping a glass of kopi or Hainan teh in the afternoons right in Restoran Hainan Curry Rice itself...

Hah! There it is... I've thrown it out... first challenge for 2011... we have many more to come in 2011... so keep your virtual eyes and ears peeled... I'm sure it's pretty easy if you have our blog set up for updates alert... do it! 3 cheers for the popiah! Po -- Po -- Popiah! Po -- Po -- Popiah! Po -- Po -- Popiah!

In case you forgot... here's what Hainan Curry Rice continue to offer and develop for our faithful fans in our full menu:
Hainan Curry Rice Specials:
1. Swimming pool rice (curry, curry and more curry on special white rice)
2. Hainan Char Siew
3. Hainan Spicy Fish : Stingray & Tenggiri (Mackerel)
4. Hainan Chilli Sotong
5. Hainan Curry Chicken
6. Hainan Mutton Curry
7. Braised Intestine (large & small intestines)
8. Tau Kee Pork
9. Hainan Spring Roll
10. Hainan Bak Pia
11. Stewed Pork Belly
12. Braised Egg
13. Braised Beancurd
14. Special soup (intestines & blood)
15. Hainan Cabbage
16. Vegetables (Spinach, Green beans, Yau mak, Lady's Fingers, Fried Brinjal)
17. Steam tofu
Special Dishes
18. Hainan Claypot Assam Fish
19. Claypot Salted Fish Pork
20. Salted Egg Springroll
21. Hainan Chicken Cutlets
22. Kaw-Yoke (Pork belly stewed with yam & mui-choy) - - NEW NEW NEW!!!
23. Pork patties with mui-choy
Super Singles...
24. Hainan Mee
25. Chicken / Pork Chop Rice
26. Fried Rice with Mutton / Salted Fish
27. Mee Mamak
28. Yin Yong Noodles
29. Fried Glass Noodles
30. Spicy Fried Beehoon
31. Hainan Claypot Curry Mee
32. Mini Pork Burgers (brings out the romantic side in you... but one pair is never enough!)
Extra special beverages...
33. Hainan Teh
34. Indonesian Sariwangi Kopi (since 1946, brewed on order)
Amazing desserts...
35. the BEST durian pancake
36. Hainan traditional kueh (made with sweet potato, beetroot and peanuts)
37. Hainan traditional tang-yuen
See you in Restoran Hainan Curry Rice soon.....
Stay hungry, stay foolish (from the Whole Earth Catalogue).... come to Restoran Hainan Curry Rice...


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