Monday, July 16, 2007

Forget the chicken... check out Hainanese Charsiew...!

Think you've tasted the best charsiew? Think again... here's Hainanese-style charsiew for you... marinated with select herbs and spices to give it a unique identity, these cuts of lean pork are then broiled in vegetable oil to a hint of caramelization.

The result: A unique tasting charsiew that is suitable for a starter, as well as complement the Hainan Curry Rice meal. It's sweet flavor goes very well with the savory notes from the curry rice. It is also light and tasty enough on its own as an afternoon snack!

The charsiew is cooked to a crispy texture on the outside, which locks in the herbs and spices in the juicy and tender lean pork cuts everytime. You'll order your second plate soon enough. Come and try this on your next visit to Restaurant Hainan Curry Rice. **Featured here is the Hainanese Spring roll - minced pork, carefully blended with different herbs and spices - rolled in freshly made beancurd sheets, and gently fried to the crisp.


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