Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Restoran Hainan Curry Rice on TV

Your friendly homely restaurant is going to be on TV!

Come on over this Friday, 10 August 2007 at 6.30pm to Restaurant Hainan Curry Rice where you'll get to meet Angel Wong Chui Ling and her crew film a brand spanking new tv program for 'cari-makan-people' alike. This Malaysianised former Hongkie star will actually be in the shop, savouring the food! You might probably recognise her while driving around Bukit Tinggi, Klang too because she's the face of Yogazone and there's this massive poster of her at the centre close by.

Can't give out too many details, but if you stop by HCR you'll definitely know which station is involved.

See you all at HCR, Fri, 10/8, 6.30pm!


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