Tuesday, August 14, 2007

一日五餐 "One Day Five Meals"

That's the name of the program, hosted by Angel Wong. The mission? To eat 5 meals in a day on a budget of only RM50 to spend. The food not only has to be good, it must also fit the budget. So you know for sure if its featured on the show, it has to be 'choice' food and cheap enough for everyone to enjoy. HCR earned the right to be on the show because of its good quality food at super affordable prices.

Astro Wah Lai Toi - Channel 30
Sunday 8pm (1st episode was aired on 12/8)
Restoran Hainan Curry Rice will be featured on the 10th episode, updates again nearer to screening date (early October).

The "Stars" and the crew! Thanks for featuring HCR.

唔怕你好食,最怕你唔低食 !


Blogger Paper Gal said...

semangat! semangat!


24 September, 2007 07:50  

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