Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reunions... tuan yuan... tang yuan... it'll be a ballsy new year

Floating balls, Rice glue balls, Soupy balls... balls balls balls... and did you know that it not only has significance for the Winter Solstice, but also for reunion? Yuanzi - round shapes / balls are a symbol of REUNION... something so significant for Chinese New Year.

Some people I spoke to this season say that it is common place to have tang yuan dessert during their reunion dinners, symbolic of the actual reunion. Eating the tang yuan indicates the whole family will enjoy happiness and good luck for everything in the coming New Year... move over Lillian Too & Joey Yap... we've got this covered with Tang Yuan!

So, to complete your reunion event this Rabbit Year - come by Hainan Curry Rice for some of our lovingly handmade Tang Yuan, and you can be sure sweetness and completeness of good faith and luck will follow you and your family around this New Year!

We are open on the New Year eve as well, come and ta-pow the Tang Yuan for the Reunion Dinner!

Xin Nian Kuai Le everyone!


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