Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Sure feels like this... when Chinese New Year sets in, there's bound to be a sweltering heat wave. That's how I remember it for a long time. The rain just few days before threatened to make this a different type of year, but it was stopped short as the Rabbit came hopping in to beckon in the Spring Time for the Chinese.

So... as a tribute to the hot weather as well... we have some trivia for you too...

Driest place in the world is the Atacama Desert - it is a plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile / 1,000km strip of land. This place has not received a drop of rain in the past 400 years.
Hottest places in the world is a tie between Altar, Sonora (Mexico) : 55degC ; Jacobabad, Sindh (Pakistan) : 55degC ; Halil River, Kerman (Iran) : 57degC ; Al-Aziziyah (Libya) : 57.8degC ; Death Valley, California : 56.7degC
Driest and hottest place in Malaysia is Chuping, Perlis. Temperature recorded was 40.1degC, in 1998
*all trivia facts courtesy of Wikipedia (Extremes on Earth)
Whatever the temperature is, keep healthy, keep hydrated - Teh Ais, Hainan Teh Ais... @hainancurryrice


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